Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Last night I was driving on the MRR2 from Ampang towards Bukit Jalil. There were lots of cars parked at the road side (covering about 2-3 lanes) which slowing down the traffic. At that time was few seconds before midnight, few seconds before the new year 2010! That was the last moment of 2009!

At exactly midnight, there were fireworks from few places. I can see on my right, at the KLCC area, in front of me, might be coming from Bukit Jalil area. I just follow through the traffic and after the congested area I started to drive normally (at my normal speed when the road is clear.. :p).

Driving home last night made me think, what is so special about new year, it gonna be just another day. Waking up in the morning, for those who are working, going to work, for those who was celebrating till late at night gonna wake up late.

Reality is, its not about the date, or the year, its about what is in our mind. If we are expecting something in this new year, we gonna feel it different from the normal days. Otherwise, it just another day..

New Year 2010..
I started with full of respect,

Respect to myself,

Knowing that I've been doing great in the past year,

Thanking God that He still giving me chance in this world..


There are still rooms for improvements,

There are still rooms for perfections,

Because I should not take the chance that God gave me for granted..

As Human Being..

I can't runaway from mistakes due to my weaknesses,

I seek apologize for all my mistakes,

To my family,

To my friends,

To my colleagues,

To my special person,
Let us forgive and forget,

Through mistakes, we grow to be a better person..

This New Year..

I feel like want to be different,

Venture into something I never dare to venture,

Something that might be crossing the line that I've drawn,

Something that might be replacing the principle that I've built,

So that I know the real limit of myself,
So that others know the real limit of me..

Happy New Year 2010!
May this new year brings lots of success, joy, prosperity and laughs to all of us!

Small RC Heli with Gyro for myself :)

:: aerobrain :: pi ::

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  1. bukan seme org self motivated like you. New year brings sense of hope. At least at this point they feel rejuvenated.

    Congrats to you for be able neglecting the sense of time.