Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ramadhan Resolution

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak will come again in 3 days. Normally if few days more to New Year, people will start talking about resolution. Why not we welcome this precious month of Ramadhan with resolutions as well, resolution that InsyaAllah will move us forward in terms of Ibadah and Iman.

In my opinion, resolutions must be realistic and it depends on your situation right now. Is the meaning of Ramadhan is only Bazaar Ramadhan & Solat Terawih? It should be more than that.

Realistic Resolution can be as follows:
  • Spend more time for reciting Al-Quran
  • Perform more Prayers (Solat Sunat)
  • Make more Do'a
  • Give more Sedeqah (Charity in terms of money or food or etc)
  • Take opportunity to revise our deeds, stop doing the bad deeds (sinful)

I call this Realistic Resolution because it can be done. Take for an example reciting Al-Quran, of course it is recommended to at least recite 1 Juz everyday, but knowing our busy life, if we can move from 0 (zero - not doing at all) to at least 1-2 page everyday, I consider that a Realistic Resolution.

Don't understand me wrongly, my point here is, it is better we move a step forward rather that not moving at all. At least we appreciate and treat Ramadhan as a special month, and with the hope that, the improvement that we made through Ramadhan will be Istiqamah (consistent) after the AidilFitri.

Let us try to make a move forward during this Ramadhan, because we never knew whether we can still live for the next Ramadhan.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Successful Photobooks

It has been a while! Since then me and my wife managed to complete another 2 photobooks. Because Pixajoy did a great job in printing last time, we decided to go for Pixajoy again for these 2 books. Click on the photos to view the e-Flip Book. Cool eh? You can just design and order your own in just 24 hours!



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