Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sungai Tekala

Last Sunday after I came down from Broga Hill, I suddenly recalled that a friend said there is a nice waterfall nearby there. So, all of a sudden, I decided to try take a look the place .. though my stomach is kinda hungry already actually. Look at my watch, it was already 10 am.

I went there anyway thinking of there might be good breakfast overthere.. after driving ~14km from Semenyih, I reached there. The place called Sungai Tekala, the entrance fee is RM1 for adult and RM0.50 for kids (12-year-old and below).

In summary, this place is good for recreation. Suitable for mandi-manda, BBQ and camping as well. If you just wanna take a walk in the evening also I think it is a good idea as well .. There are few levels of waterfall you can try, but for those bringing kids, I would suggest you stay low. The higher you go, the higher the risk. The stones are more slippery on the higher level areas, thus adults as well must be really consciously aware of the surrounding.

It is not wrong to enjoy and be happy, but we want the continuous happiness, not the temporary one. Thus, be careful and enjoyyy!

Enjoy the photos then ...

For more info on location and how to get there: Sungai Tekala

Take care.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

People Faces @ Broga Hill

Last Sunday I decided to put my zoom lens on and brought my camera uphill to the peak of Broga. Reason is .. to shoot people faces at Broga Hill. This time I went there alone and thus the following faces were completely strangers to me .. most of these photos were shot at least 5 meters away, some were farther away, about 30-50 meters (anyway I was using zoom lens which equivalent to 17x zoom! - Nikkor 70-300mm)

By doing this, I'm capturing moment of the people there, some are with the groups, some are alone, some are with their spouse or partner, some are with the small and big cameras, not forgetting, those who brings food for breakfast there, so many people, so many style and faces, with 1 goal, getting out of the work and working out on the body and mind. :)

Here I present .. People Faces at Broga Hill on 23-May-2010 ::

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ReThink @ Broga Hill

Last weekend I spent 2 consecutive mornings with my friend. On Saturday was with my long lost friend, used to be my university-mate, housemate and makan2-mate back in Penang .. Imad. And on Sunday was with with my best friend who just get married but need to be separated for awhile with his wife due to further study .. Specky.

Maybe many of you were asking, isn't that so boring, dull and static to just climb up Broga almost every weekend? Well for me, I found new things every time I hike there. Sometime the grass is not sooo green, sometimes its yellowish. Sometimes the wind is sooo strong, sometimes no wind at all. Not mentioning the different faces I saw every time I hike (or maybe I'm not that good in remembering faces as well) ..

However, I realize, there is single thing in common, that is .. every body seems happy up there. Like leaving all the problems at home and climb up without any burden in the head. Everybody talking to each other, joking, laughing, having breakfast .. so happening, so happy. Well, I think this is a very healthy culture. Once a week or once a month, you gotta find a place that can help you to forget all the problems and issues, at least for few hours. Only then, you will get momentum to look at the problems again.

As usual, below are some pictures from the weekend trips to Broga:

"Healthy body leads to a healthy mind"

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