Tuesday, May 25, 2010

People Faces @ Broga Hill

Last Sunday I decided to put my zoom lens on and brought my camera uphill to the peak of Broga. Reason is .. to shoot people faces at Broga Hill. This time I went there alone and thus the following faces were completely strangers to me .. most of these photos were shot at least 5 meters away, some were farther away, about 30-50 meters (anyway I was using zoom lens which equivalent to 17x zoom! - Nikkor 70-300mm)

By doing this, I'm capturing moment of the people there, some are with the groups, some are alone, some are with their spouse or partner, some are with the small and big cameras, not forgetting, those who brings food for breakfast there, so many people, so many style and faces, with 1 goal, getting out of the work and working out on the body and mind. :)

Here I present .. People Faces at Broga Hill on 23-May-2010 ::

:: aerobrain :: pi ::


  1. huh! wow! in awe...nice lens...nice shots, nice moments snatched..

    heh heh...got many nicks for you..
    brogaman, moment snatcher, pipirazzi he he..

  2. tq bro!

    pipirazzi .. can this be a company name?? haha

  3. eh.. ko slambe amik gambar and paste gambar org ni.. bole ke???

  4. so far tak kena sue lagi .. hehe