Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ReThink @ Broga Hill

Last weekend I spent 2 consecutive mornings with my friend. On Saturday was with my long lost friend, used to be my university-mate, housemate and makan2-mate back in Penang .. Imad. And on Sunday was with with my best friend who just get married but need to be separated for awhile with his wife due to further study .. Specky.

Maybe many of you were asking, isn't that so boring, dull and static to just climb up Broga almost every weekend? Well for me, I found new things every time I hike there. Sometime the grass is not sooo green, sometimes its yellowish. Sometimes the wind is sooo strong, sometimes no wind at all. Not mentioning the different faces I saw every time I hike (or maybe I'm not that good in remembering faces as well) ..

However, I realize, there is single thing in common, that is .. every body seems happy up there. Like leaving all the problems at home and climb up without any burden in the head. Everybody talking to each other, joking, laughing, having breakfast .. so happening, so happy. Well, I think this is a very healthy culture. Once a week or once a month, you gotta find a place that can help you to forget all the problems and issues, at least for few hours. Only then, you will get momentum to look at the problems again.

As usual, below are some pictures from the weekend trips to Broga:

"Healthy body leads to a healthy mind"

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  1. aik..mane pergi teko aku pegang.. ajaib2.. tukar jadi mineral water.. dasyat ayah pi ni...

  2. apesal la si speck tuh pakai baju donald duck mcm kanak2 riang gembira je.....

  3. Bring out the Child in you, and you shall realize the carefree and happy soul buried inside the stresses built upon you by this despairing worldly-life!
    "The hot-headed donald duck, does whatever he wants in whatever ways he likes, but able to bring forth, time and again, that selfless attitude to care about others"
    Smile and Do away with your woes!! hehehe

  4. hahaha.... Hilal, I'm about to ask the same question. Siap nak tanya mana die rembat baju tu lagi...

    Pi, I guess, dalam banyak2 gambar ko upload, gambar baju specky gak yg capsture the attention. lols

    Anyway, I'm looking forward for the Broga Hill too.. Hilal, jom kite pi nak???