Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Sunrise @ Broga Hill

I started to get addicted to hiking again. This weekend I went to Broga Hill for 2 days consecutively (Saturday and Sunday). Well .. on Saturday was a planned one and on Sunday was really sudden decision to bring my brother-in-law to go hike since I was overnight at my sis house in Kajang.

Up there at the 1st peak, there were TV3 crews interviewing few uncles. I overheard (not eavesdropping, ok!), one of the questions was "What motivate you to wake up early morning and go to hiking?"

My answer (in my heart) was, "Because I want to exercise and I feel relax when I'm bonding with the nature." :)

The truth is, hiking really give me some time-out from work, from problems, from issues in my head. At least spending time to look at the nature for 1-2 hours a week could provide new perspectives, new ideas, tranquil heart, fresh air, fresh mind, healthier life and to become more grateful to God.

Anyway, I got a better shots of the sunrise this time:
I feels so green when I look at this photo

My GPS read the altitude at 3rd peak was 371m

My ride ... :)

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  1. Good...good! Healthy lifestyle.
    GPS tu dah boleh pakai pulak ke? Hari tu kan dah rosak?

  2. haah .. boleh pulak turn ON .. aritu mcm dah merajuk.

  3. hehe..still remember looking at the GPS and realizing our bus is going 190km/h otw back to KL..death ride dude.. happy to see ur still alive and hiking.. hehe