Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love .. Sinful or Blessing?

There is a concept in Islam, at which love between man and woman before marriage is considered forbidden and sinful. For the past years, I've been understanding this concept from a different perspective and now I've got to know another perspective. This concept is so modest, so pure, so protective, emotionally and physically.

When a man or woman fall in love, it is like falling onto a dreamland that we have created in our mind. A perimeter whereby the person we love always there for us to see, to think, to wonder, to appreciate, to care, to love .. It is like living in a different world. However, from Islamic perspective, it is forbidden for us to create an imaginary dreamland before the 'true dreamland' is established which is marriage. Thus, the excessive thought, the care, the love, in our mind is forbidden and sinful until the 'true dreamland' is established. The word 'excessive' is used here because naturally the care and the love should also presence but just adequate to sustain the relationship until marriage.

This might sound extreme to people like us who has been exposed to the modern world of love and dating. But looking at the positive side of this concept, we are protected emotionally by restricting ourselves for excessive emotional devotion which might disturb our concentration towards the real world, and protected physically by restricting seeing each other or dating. Pure love should lead to the ultimate goal that is marriage. Love without the ultimate goal is forbidden and will end up sorrowful.

If everything forbidden then what is not?? The love after marriage. The love that when we care about a person, when we think, we wonder, we appreciate, we love, will be blessed by Allah swt. Thus, this should be the ultimate goal of love.

For a man,
There is a woman,
For a woman,
There is a man,
Love ties them together,
with love human being grows,
with love human being sustains.

Love is abstract,
Happens in the heart,
Which nobody could see,
Which nobody could perceive,
which nobody could predict.

When love happens,
Person enters a new world,
Beautiful world that is never been imagined,
Creating a barrier with the real world,
Every seconds are beautiful ...

So beautiful until we forget,
That is God who Injected the Love,
Injected into our heart,
And it is His Power to take it back,
If we are not thankful,
If we are not appreciating,
If we are not realizing,
That the love must be channeled,
To the right path,
To the right destination,
To achieve the right goal,
To achieve the ultimate goal,
To cross from a forbidden to a permissible,
To cross from a sinful to a good deed,
Hoping a continuous Blessings from God,
Blessings to the ultimate happiness throughout the life,
In this world here and in the hereafter.

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