Wednesday, December 30, 2009

29 hours to New Year 2010

Time ..
Some said its precious,
Some said its priceless,
Some said its always insufficient ..

There were moments ..
That we wished the time has stopped,
That we wished the time ran faster,
That we wished we don't have to face it at all,
That we wished we can go back to change it all over again ..

Truth is ..
Everybody has 24 hours a day,
To be allocated wisely,
To be managed properly,
To be spent appreciably,
So that it won't be wasted just like that,
Waste the time,
Waste the moment,
Waste the life,
That will only pass once in our life,
Not twice, not thrice,
Today is 30-Dec-2009,
There won't be any 30-Dec-2009 in the future ..

Spend wisely, properly, appreciably,
only then the Time will appreciate us,
and we won't feel regret later in our life ..

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