Sunday, December 27, 2009

27th on the 27th of December 2009

Bismillahirahmanirrahim ..

27th of December 2009, 27 years ago, a baby was born. The baby has grown to become a man, that has decided to launch a new blog today on his 27th birthday.

Another year has passed ..
Older a person will be ..
Wiser a person should be ..
Shorter the life of a person gonna be ..
Nearer to God a person must be ..

My 27 years of life has taught me lots of lessons. The life was wonderful, I got almost all that I want in life, until at a point when God want to teach me a lesson. Lesson that have changed my thoughts and acts, made me wiser, thoughtful, careful person.

When life gets too comfortable ..
We tend to forget where we came from ..
and where we gonna end to ..
but The Most Powerful loves us so much ..
He taught a lesson that make us realize ..
That we are small, fragile and perishable ..
No matter how high our knowledge is ..
How high our status is ..
We are still small, fragile and perishable ..

After the 2 series of accidents (physically), I realized that I need to be closer to God. Pray and hold to His Blessing and Love. I cried in a night when I heard these prayers at a mosque:

Ya Allah,

Jika ada di antara kami anak yang derhaka kepada ibu bapa,
ampunkanlah dosa kami ..
Jika ada di antara kami suami yang mengabaikan tanggungjawab,
tunjukkanlah jalan yang benar kepada kami ..
Jika ada di antara kami isteri yang derhaka kepada suami,
berikanlah kesedaran kepada kami ..
Jika ada di antara kami yang tidak bersyukur dengan nikmatMu,
bukakanlah hati kami ..
Jika ada di antara kami yang engkar dengan perintahMu,
berikanlah hidayah kepada kami ..

Just after the physical test, I was tested emotionally. I tried to get through and I finally I realized that human being are really fragile, both physically and emotionally.

Human emotion is a complicated subject ..
We loved .. we hated .. we confused ..
We laughed .. we cried .. we frowned ..
We pushed .. we pulled .. we walked away ..
Then we realized ..
It is beyond the power man or woman ..
It is the power of the Most Powerful ..
To inject love in our heart ..
To inject happiness in our life ..
To execute the plan that we have made ..

This is not the end, it is only the beginning ..

Thanks for the birthday wishes, from family and friends.

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  1. congrats on d launching of ur new blog on ur birthday!

    may we lead a better life ahead..amin.

  2. Congrats too...
    Hope for the better years ahead.

  3. dah ader blog yer....