Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photobook In Progress

It has been 1 month, 3 weeks & 6 days after our wedding, but I still have not completed our wedding Photobook. Sorry Sayang, I'm doing it almost every night this week. Hopefully can send for printing next week. I'm using Adobe InDesign CS4 for layout and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for editing.

Hmm, regarding the printing company, still have not decided since my brothers are offering their discount coupon for the Photobook printing. Anyhow, anyway, hopefully it gonna look good!

Stay tuned.

:: Ahmad Firdaus :: aerobrain :: Pi


  1. wah laju la edit..lagi laju dari fotografer saya. ktorg punya pun x siap2 lagi.. *sigh* (tapi dimaafkan la sbb diorg student akitek dan saya memahami tahap bz n stress student akitek) hik3..can't wait for cuti sem!