Monday, March 14, 2011

Journey to Perth

Alhamdulillah we've reached Perth. Below is the travel log. Read bottom-up.

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10am: Reached Arcadian Bed & Breakfast. Host Jeffrey is really kind and good. He offered us some cereal and coffee for breakfast while chit chatting about the house and also about Perth.

9.30am: Reached Palms Bed & Breakfast. Supposed we should go to the branch which is nearer to the Warwick Train Station, but we could not find it, endup walking for about half-hour before reaching the place. Luckily, hostess Teresa is kind enough to send us to the other branch which is owned by his brother, Jeffrey.

5.20am (next day): Reached Perth Airport. Can 't really sleep on the plane though. Went thru customs. Luckily we didn't bring any animal. lol.

11.20pm: Boarding the aircraft.

10.04pm: Beep reached LCCT. Alhamdulilah. We reunite again! Now waiting for the boarding time.

9.40pm: Check-in completed. Luggage weigh 13kg. Boarding time will 11.1opm. Beep is on the way to LCCT with the shuttle bus.

9.20pm: Beep managed to take the next train back to Salak Tinggi. Thank you, Sayang! You are the best!! Meanwhile, Pi still queuing at the check-in counter. There are 7 counters open.

9.06pm: Beep reached Putrajaya Sentral with the mission.

9.01pm: Pi reached LCCT.

8.35pm: Reached Salak Tinggi station. We embarked. Still in panic state. The careless Pi suggest that Beep take the next train back to Putrajaya Sentral to take the key.The nice Beep agreed to take the next train back. The plan is she gonna take the train either 9.20pm or 9.50pm from Putrajaya Sentral after retrieving the key. Pi really feel guilty. But, thinking positively, at least there's still time to retrieve the key, instead of breaking the bag. huhu. Pi take the bus to LCCT, Beep take the train. We split.

8.20pm: Train departed from Putrajaya Sentral. Beep asked me whether to open the luggage and take out the sweater. Then suddenly I remembered that the luggage bag key is in the car!! We panicked.

8.12pm: Reached Putrajaya Sentral. We have 8 minutes to run before the next train to LCCT.

7.58pm: All set. We depart from home en route to Putrajaya Sentral, where we gonna take train to Salak Tinggi and take the shuttle bus to LCCT.

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