Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cycle of Life

Let us think and look around, at this moment around the world, there are cycle of life happening, whether we want it to happen or we don't want. Whether we like it to happen or we don't like.

At this moment..
Babies are born, new life begins,
But, there are people facing death, life ended.

At this moment..
There are people recovering from sickness, life is moving,
But, there are people falling sick, life is stuck.

At this moment..
There are happy faces, life is being cherished,
But, there are sad faces, life is being challenged.

At this moment..
There are people become millionaire, being at the top,
But, there people facing Chapter 11, bankruptcy, being at the bottom.

At this moment..
Scientists discover something new and useful,
But, there are people abusing the technology.

At this moment..
Somebody get promoted, life is blossoms,
But, there are people get retrenched, life is hard.

At this moment..
A girl fall in love with a guy, life is so beautiful,
But, there is a girl leaving a guy, life shrouded by darkness.

At this moment..
Couples get married, starting new life together,
But, there are couples filing for divorce, ending life together.

At this moment..
Kids are running, playing in the garden happily,
But, there are kids are being used as slave.

At this moment..
There are people wondering and thinking of the future,
But, there are people still being carried away with the present and the past.

Truth is, nobody can stop the cycle of life. Nevertheless, we shouldn't give up in this life. Sadness, sorrowful, frustrated are just being part of life, but we still have time to wake up and raise up. The true success is not that when we never fail, but when we successfully raise up from the failure.

The only way to sustain at the top is to always ponder and look at the people below. Be grateful everyday, and you will get more.

"If you ignore the past, you jeopardize the future." [The Clone Wars, S02E12]

Take care.

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