Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reality of Life

People felt so down because they can't achieve this and that. Feeling that they were struggling and working so hard but the result was not as expected. Well, that is the reality of life. There will always be ups and downs that need to be realized. At the bottom point of our life, we might feel that we are the only loser in this whole world, but wait a moment..

Look around us ..

People are struggling with their everyday life. Some people struggling to get some food and shelter. Some are fighting for freedom, education. Some are struggling for power, others struggling for more money.

At the other side, some are struggling to lose weight after excessive food they ate. Some are struggling with the lawsuit for abuse of power and money. Everybody around us are struggling with their life.

Ultimately, these struggles in life ..
would it make our life better?
would it make our life happier?
could it bring love into our heart?
or we would even see more hatred and misunderstanding because of these struggles?

Well again, this is the reality of life. We are not living in the heaven. At least not yet. Heaven is not only a place where everything is in order, beautiful and peaceful, but heaven can start from a tranquil heart.

Thus, to achieve heaven, we must start from our heart. Ask ourselves, whether we are happy in whatever we are doing. How could we contribute to a better life of us and others surrounding us. It is not necessarily that when we have big car, big house, successful career, it gonna be the happiest moment in our life, the reality is in our heart. We paint our own reality, we paint our own direction, we are smart human being, we are given brain to make choices and recognize which is good, which is bad.

Let us pray and pray that we always do the right thing everyday, every decision we made in life. Always refer to the All Knowing because He knows what is the best for us in the past, in the present and in the future.

Be grateful during the ups and be patience during the downs. May all of us will have tranquil heart throughout our life.

... and don't forget to take everything positively. It helps a lot in our decision making and attitude presentation.

"A person is partly in heaven if the heart is tranquil."

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  1. good post. yeah, i guess when we think we're down n a loser in life, we should open our eyes to our surrounding n feel blessed for whatever it is that we already have.

    yesterday i felt like a loser. today, have to work harder!

  2. i have a very perverted view of the world but this works for me. we all are going to die right? so why bother with the downs in life, we are going to die anyway. so if the downs feels a bit longer, so what, we die anyway. and it will stop then. then we have our ups, be happy about it because we are going to die, meaning that it will also end, the ups i mean. so go through life as we are directed and don't get worked up about the hardship, it will end (hint that we die). just go through life. meaning that if we stop bothering with what's wrong and what's difficult, everything else is right and easy, and that's a good life, isn't it?