Friday, December 31, 2010


birthday card from my beloved fiancee, Habibah

On 27-Dec-2010, my age added another number to 28. Yeah. 28 now. Anyway, some says age is just a number. Well, I partly agreed, because I don't really feel 1 year older on my birthday, however, some white hairs were found on my head from time to time. adeh. so I'm really getting older, am I?

My birthday this year was really full of blessings, with cup cakes, lovely presents from my fiancee and my brother, lots of wishes especially from family and friends. Not forgetting a chocolate cake 2 days before my birthday from my brother.

I very2 bersyukur to Allah swt, dengan segala kurniaan yang diberikan, segala nikmat kasih sayang, kebahagiaan dan panjang umur. Thanks for the wishes and presents especially to my beloved fiancee, thanks for being there and celebrate with me on my birthday!

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  1. syg.i couldn't be happier to be one of those beloved ppl that added happiness to ur awesome life.
    i love u strawberry much!

  2. Syg, my life has never been more awesome without you. I love you too! blueberry much!